Starting March 2024

Artistic Welding Classes

Looking to start your journey as an artistic welder, a hobby, or just looking for tips and tricks on tools and machinery? Learning how to weld artistically is always a rewarding and empowering experience. Learn from my experience, join in my enthusiasm, and share in my passion.
Online instructional videos and classes - follow at your own pace, choose the videos you want to watch, and COMING SOON: downloadable templates to use in special projects you and I can create together!

Follow My Journey

Not looking to learn to weld? That's okay. You can still follow along and watch how I get my ideas, the process of starting and working on a piece, and other behind the scene videos not posted on social media that let you set foot inside my shop and peer over my shoulder (virtually!) while I work. Come join me for the journey.

Learn to Sculpt Online

Introducing Patreon

Become an Official Patron and get exclusive access to content as I create, or upgrade to my Creator Classes and follow my tutorials at your own pace. Plus, get access to special projects, special merch and behind the scene explanations as I create my pieces. Become a member today!

Why I Teach

I love to weld, and I love to create. While I learned to weld in an industrial setting, I taught myself to weld creatively through trial and error. With over a decade experience sculpting in metal, I want to share what I have learned with others. Creating art is all about experimentation and feeling things as you go. But learning to weld and use the tools of the trade can be intimidating to get started!

My goal is to guide new students through the basics, to get familiar and comfortable with the equipment and techniques, and show how easy it can be to learn to weld and sculpt. Work the metal with your hands, understand how to manipulate the materials and make tools work with and for you, and you will witness how you can conceive an idea and make it a physical reality.

Why Learn to Weld?

When you know how to work with metal, you have the power to create anything you want - a sculpture, garden art, a table - this could even start you on a path to a new career!

Metalworking can be intensive, but it is also artistic and even meditative. When you implement the skills you've learned and allow your imagination to soar, there is nothing like the feeling of seeing your ideas come to life!

*New for Summer 2024*

In Person Courses

Join me in person for one of my four-day in-person courses in artistic welding, hosted at Stratford Off the Wall in beautiful Stratford, Ontario, Canada.
June 1-2 & 8-9
June 24-27


September 2-5


Rich Baker and the Artistic Welding Classes are sponsored in part by Lincoln Electric Canada. A world leader in design and manufacture of arc welding products.


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What is Patreon?

 Patreon is a global platform for creators to offer a subscription service and sell digital products. It helps artists like me earn a recurring income by providing perks and classes to you, my loyal followers

Is Patreon secure? How committed am I?

Patreon is a US based platform that offers secure payment systems in your own currency in dozens of countries. You pay a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime.

How often will I get new content?

Patron content will be posted as I have extra content to share. If you follow me on social media, you know that will be every few days to a week. My goal is to post new tutorials bi-weekly and downloadable projects at least once a month.

Do you offer in person classes? *NEW*

My workshop is also my home and right now not set up for frequent visitors. *NEW* Working with Stratford Off the Wall in Stratford, Ontario, I am offering small, in person courses at their facility. Sign up at Stratford Off the Wall.

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